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The RO Solution was born out of the need to provide an independent, third-party assessment of water quality. Today it is a leading provider of water purification solutions and operations services to cities, industry, and individuals.

RO Solution is providing a range of products including RO membrane filters, RO filters, reverse osmosis systems, coagulants, and disinfectants.

For many years, we’ve been at the forefront of the field, earning our reputation through innovative products and services. We provide high-quality options to our customers in both price and performance so they can enjoy the most satisfying drinking experience possible.


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RO Solution, Leader in Water Purification

Repair Service

RO Solution provides the best repair service in the industry. With their advanced technology and team of experts, We are able to repair any issue in the shortest time possible. The work we do is done by highly-skilled and experienced staff members, who have been able to resolve 500+ water issues in just the past year.

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Installation Service

RO Solution is India’s leading water purification company providing installation service to individuals and businesses. We have an installation team with a mixture of experience in both the professional and domestic market. We offer a full range of water filtration systems, purifiers, storage tanks, filters, taps and other services for both residential and commercial customers. 

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Expert Team

RO Solution is a premier water purification service provider. We provide professional water treatment systems and water purification services to industrial and commercial clients all around India. Their team of experts offers comprehensive solutions for different industries such as healthcare, beverage production, food science, winemaking and many more.

Uninstallation service

Ro Uninstallation – RO solution provide complete water purifier machine treatment in All Over India. if you want your water purifier remove one place to another place during shiftting or you are lookin a techinician for Installation , Uninstallation & RO Repair Hyderbad (India) . we provide complete service setup in affordable price.

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Customer Satisfaction
We are the leading water purification company in India, providing customers with quality services with a commitment to generating best customer satisfaction. Our core services are all certified & it provides us with a reliable and consistent quality service. Our goal is to provide our customers with an extraordinary experience that they can trust in every step of their journey.
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AMC Service

Annual Maintenance Contract – Different Types of RO Services Nearby I offer AMC plans. According to the AMC plan, they will provide periodic water burials. The value of RO AMC depends on several factors. “We offer all over India. If you are looking for water purification services. Then call the RO @ 9311063610 service center for a quick fix.”


RO solutions provide a year-round maintenance service to make sure that your system is running smoothly. It not only protects the RO membrane but also prevents it from blocking during off season. We hailed as the best provider of annual maintenance service for RO membrane. The company ensures that their clients are always in safe water with their filtration systems in place.

Kent RO Service

RO solutions offer the best Kent RO service for water purification and can purify your water in minutes. We have a variety of different low-carbon options for you to choose from. We are not just inexpensive, but also have low carbon footprints in comparison to other methods of treating water.

Aquaguard Service

RO solutions are the perfect option when it comes to water purification. They offer the best aquaguard service compared to most other options in the market. We also have a shorter maintenance period as compared to other alternatives like reverse osmosis (RO) systems and distillation units.

Aquafresh RO Service

RO solutions offer the best Aquafresh RO service. We are the most trusted company which has delivered high-quality water purification solutions for many years. We have brought to the market some of the most innovative portable water purification systems that can provide safe drinking water in just seconds.

Pureit RO Service

RO systems are the most effective and easiest way to remove impurities like bacteria, nitrate, and other contaminants from water. The Pureit Ro system uses a kinetic process to filter out contaminants. It has a simplicity that makes it possible for even homeowners to install one in their homes.

ZeroB RO Service

RO solutions provide the best ZeroB RO service. We use natural and environmentally-responsible methods to purify water, so there's no need for either chemicals or electricity. RO solutions are not just effective in purifying water but also offer a better solution to the problems of excess waste and poor environment.

Livpure RO Service

With its inherent benefits, RO technology is now providing the best Livpure RO service for companies & homes to save money and get their businesses up and running with water purification. We offer the best quality filters, an affordable price and a wide range of packaged offers.

Industrial RO Service

RO systems are the most effective way to remove contaminants from water. We provide a reliable and secure service to industries and manufacturing companies, ensuring that these important processes can be executed without any interruptions.

Commercial RO Service

RO solutions provide the best commercial RO service in the market. We offer quality services that are affordable and ready to use with a high level of customer satisfaction. With a few steps, it is easy to set up a water purification system at home.

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Quality Work Through Dedication

At present we, a state -of -the -art technology service, have been able to provide excellent services to a wide range of customers in India. We offer a wide range of RO packages, RO repair services, regular RO services and maintenance services across India with reasonable price.

100 satisfaction guarantee

7 – days replacement policy

15 day service guarantee

RO AMC Plans and RO AMC Cost in pan india

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AMCPriceRepairFiltersMembraneElectrical PartsFaulty Parts
AMC Plan 1899.00YesNoNoNoNo
AMC Plan 22399.00YesYesNoNoNo
AMC Plan 32399.00YesNoNoYesNo
AMC Plan 43999.00YesYesYesNoNo
AMC Plan 54999.00YesYesYesYesNo
AMC Plan 65999.00YesYesYesYesYes

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